1979 – Star Wars Comic Criticism

A “letter to the editor” in the back of the 1979 Star Wars Comics. Remember, this is before “The Empire Strikes Back” came out.

1979 - Star Wars Comic Criticism

“Dear Archie,

I love, love, love what you are doing with the STAR WARS series, but may I offer one small criticism? I feel that one of the most charming aspects of the original movie’s ending was the sweet affection between Luke and Princess Leia. However, in your comic series they act more like young brother and sister than sweethearts. I know you can’t do anything that would conflict with the upcoming sequel, but since it has already been clearly established that Luke and Leia are in love, I don’t think it would spoil anything that will be shown in the sequel if you gave a little more emphasis to the romance between them in future Marvel installments. I’m sure many other STAR WARS fans would agree and be pleased to see this too. Keep up the excellent work.”

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